Fernando Villela is a photographer from São Paulo (b.93), Brasil currently living and working in New York. He is interested in the everyday, the living experience, our shared existence. With a focus on existentialism, urban life, and the systems that operate (the invisible hands that orchestrate), Fernando looks and aims his camera to the action unfolding around him, surveying the sidewalk, the buildings, the day and its inhabitants.

With these images (and a few videos), Fernando has appeared in exhibitions internationally, in group and solo shows. Fernando also prints several zines and books of his photographs, experimenting with different formats and processes of distribution. You can find his work on video games, Procedural Generation, reported on widely online, and you may also see his photographs appear in magazines, journals, and online features from time to Time (Lightbox).

Fernando sells prints of his photographs, and is available
for commissions, too.


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